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Chilean Tour Operator: First Premium Travel

Who are we?
First Premium Travel is a Chilean-owned incoming tour operator which has seen 15 years in this emerging tourism market. Our head office is located in Santiago, with a 2nd office in Puerto Varas, in the Lake District. Aided by our advanced communications infrastructure, we have established a growing network of trusted agents throughout the world.

What services do we offer visitors to Chile?
Chile, as a country, possesses possibly the widest range of geographical features in the world, which in turn allows us to offer an enormous variety of holidays; from exploring the wonders of the driest desert in the world in the north to filling with awe as you gaze at the many icebergs our country holds in the south. Chile truly does offer something for everyone.

Following the objectives of the president of our company, Carlos Corrales Viersbach, these natural resources, along with the various elements of tourism have been carefully researched and brought together to form high quality programs, which are attractive to those looking for elegance and exclusivity.
Just tell us your dream then sit back and relax. We'll take care of the rest.

The Company has a team of over 150 highly qualified staff with vast experience in the tourism market.
They are committed to provide fast and accurate solutions to the requirements of all our customers.

Winter Sports Packages:

Ski between the peaks of the Andes; Heliski (8 days)

We invite you to practice Heliski in Exclusive Territory covering over 3000 km2 around the Puma Lodge by helicopter, we'll reach the best skiing areas, carefully selected by our expert guides, ...

Ski Getaway Santiago and Valle Nevado, Chile. (4 days)

Come to Chile visit Valle Nevado Ski Center, where you can learn how to ski in the Andes Mountains.

Mini SKI Week Santiago, Chile (6 days)

Explore Santiago and the Andes Mountains, where you can play in the snow in Farellones, and you can learn to ski in Valle Nevado.

Ski Week & Tubing Santiago. (8 days)

Explore Santiago and the Andes Mountains, where you can play in the snow in the Farellones ski resort.

Learning how to Ski in Valle Nevado. (8 days)

Explore Santiago and the Andes Mountains, and learn to ski in Valle Nevado.

Wine & viticulture Packages

Wines Surrounding Santiago (6 days)

From our capital, Santiago de Chile, visit every day a wine valley of the Central region, Maipo Valley, Cachapoal Valley Casablanca Valley and Colchagua Valley. Meet the vineyards, history, taste their wines and enjoy the food offered in this journey.

Sleeping and Dreaming and the wine valleys, (7 days)

Meet the wine valleys around Santiago, learn about wine production, walk their vineyards and wineries, complemented by the experience of staying in boutique hotels and gastronomy these vineyards offer.

Culinary Experience in the Andes Mountains, (9 days)

Do not miss the opportunity to discover and get excited about our landscapes, and the pleasure of combining the best cuisine and wonderful wines of Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina, with the majesty of the Andes in the background.

Culture & Nature Packages

Chiloé Archipielago: An Experience full of Nature and Traditions (9 Days)

Experience Chiloé, South America's Largest Island, a mystical island with its own legends, ancient customs, and a fascinating people who have their very own rhythm of life and enjoy the pristine nature of its flora and fauna.

Nature & Adventure in Robinson Crusoe Island (7 days)

This Island belongs to Juan Fernandez Archipelago, which has been a passing place for explorers and sailors, hiding place for pirates and their treasures, shelter for Alexander Selkirk, the sailor who inspired Robinson Crusoe novel, and as a prison during the Chilean Independence War.

Following the Aymara ethnic path. (9 days)

Aymara culture has its origins in the populations which inhabited the Andes in what is now known as western Bolivia, southern Peru and northern Chile.
The Azapa Valley, near Arica, was the site of the first permanent settlements of these people. In this area, about 8,000 years BC, as part of what is now known as the Chinchorro culture, developed consisting funeral rites of mummification of the dead.

Pablo Neruda's Houses (6 days)

Pablo Neruda was a great collector. His hobby was to collect the most varied things of interest: seashells, books, bottles, masks and ... homes. Neruda had the great necessity, to consolidate his existence where he was and where he was going. Visit his houses with us.

Volcanoes, Nature and Mapuche Culture in Araucanía. (8 days)

A trip to a Mapuche community where you can meet some therapeutic properties of traditionally used medicinal plants, enjoy participating in Mapuche gastronomy gastronomy workshop, with Mapuche women know the art of the loom (woven Mapuche), means of transport used ancestral wagon ride and boats. Staying in a typical “Ruka Mapuche” etc.

Chile and Argentina; Nature without borders!(11 days)

The Patagonian Rainforest Crossing connects the Chilean and the Argentinean territory in only 88 Kms. between the village of Puerto Fuy and the city of San Martín de Los Andes.

Forests, Glaciers and mountains at the end of the world (13 days)

A tour through Patagonia, which may surprise you appreciate nature in all its glory ... Know The Torres del Paine National Park ... Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier ... Cross the Cape Horn aboard Australis cruises ... Addressing the doomsday train and know the southernmost city in the world ...

Relaxation and Wellness

Full Disconnection and Wellness Route(6 days)

Experience the sensation of complete disconnection! This program is oriented to disconnection and recontruction, physically, mentally and spritually, of those that practice it.

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