Valle Nevado Ski Resort

Valle Nevado Ski resort is located in the heart of the Andes, located at only 46 kilometers from Santiago.

Valle Nevado is the largest ski Center in South America and the most modern ski resort in Chile, placed at 3,025 meters above sea level and consider 9,000 hectares for skiing, distributed in 22.9 miles of skiable surface.

The Ski Season begin around second week of June and ends during the first or second week in October. The high season is almost all the years the second until the forth week of July.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort is the ideal place if you want to ski, practice snowboard, or heli-ski, and also is the right place for those who are looking for extreme ski sports, since this ski resort has a Snow Park for jumps and free style.It also counts with instructors on its Ski school with more than 70 teachers available to train in ski and snowboard in its different modalities.

Valle Nevado Ski centre is not only a ski resort designed for winter sports is also a great spot for those who enjoy mountain view and nature. The Ski Resort was open in 1988 and it’s open the whole year, and it forms with El Colorado Ski Center and La Parva, the “three Valleys of the Andes”. Together they have over 10,000 hectares of skiiable surface with 66.4 miles of trails. In Valle Nevado Ski Chile, you can find snow powdered, 34 trails and slopes with a difference that reaches the 810 meters and finish in splendid Andean grasslands and areas outside of trails with excellent virgin snow.

For the snowboarders, Valle Nevado Ski resort has created the “Snowboard Park“, with 100 meters long and 50 of wide, offers two special trails: Half Pipe and Border Cross, next to the Lift called “la Escondida” (the hidden). As from 2003, Valle Nevado Chile is also the only ski centre in the South Hemisphere that is considered for the World Cup of Snowboard.

Valle Nevado hotels offers gastronomy, great service, fitness centre and shows that are prepared for the season. The resort has three hotels which considers services and facilities for both skiers and non-skiers.

If you want to visit Valle Nevado Ski Center by yourself, take the route to Farellones (19.8 miles) and then take the detour to the Ski Center. From this point, there are 8.6 miles to arrive to Valle Nevado.

NOTICE: In winter time, the traffic from 08:00 to 14:00 hours the route is only upward and from 14:00 until 20:00 hrs, it is exclusive to descend. Also, it is mandatory if you are driving, to carry chains for snow.
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Termas de Chillan Ski Center

Considered by many, one of the best thermal centers of the country, the Spas of Chillán or Termas de Chillán Ski Resort are located 5.249 feet on the level of the sea, on the slopes of Chillán Volcano (Volcán Chillán) and combine the thermal activity with a modern center of ski. This thermal center and of recreation is located 50 miles from Chillán, in the middle of the pre mountain range of the Eighth region of the Bio-Bio.

During winter time, the Spas of Chillán become a complete centre of ski, Termas de Chillán Ski Resort Chile, since it counts on 28 tracks, 21 miles prepared and 10,000 hectares to practice ski. It has 9 means of elevation, as a triple chair, three double chairs and five drags. It has the longest track of South America, called the Three Marias (Las Tres Marias), of 8 miles of extension. 30% of their surface is apt for nascent, 40% medium level and only 30% for experts. It counts on a vertical unevenness of 3.608 feet and on a Snow Park. In addition, it is one of the centers that offer a large number of activities to carry out such as Nordic ski, randoneé, heli-ski, snow motorbikes and sledges. As thermal center, have nine swimming pools of Sulfur and iron available the entire year.

Termas de Chillán Ski Resort considers 3 different types of accommodations.
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