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General Information
Why book with us?
We have a secured (ssl) online booking system
Free transfers to most Hotels (contact us for more info)
Due to our resources we are able to be your "all in one" holiday provider, no more juggling between different companies, contact persons and coordinating timetables, we'll be happy to "take the headache out of your holiday" for you.


Lys has affiliations with hotels in 23 Chilean cities ranging from the northernmost city of Arica to Punta Arenas on Chile's Southern tip.
We can provide you with accommodation suitable for any budget.
Please contact us and provide us with the basic information like; time of year, duration of your stay, number of people/children, and the general class of hotel you are interested in and we will provide you with information on a number of Hotels that fulfill your criteria as well as their prices and the information necessary to finalize a booking.

For a quotation and/or more info see our online quotation form

Car Rentals

We have a wide range of cars, pickup trucks and mini-vans for your convenience as well as pickup and drop-off points in up to 15 selected Chilean cities

Please visit our car rental page for more information.

We have apartments in downtown Santiago with easy access to Santiago's cultural and business centers as well as in Providencia, more towards the outskirts of Santiago. 
Both apartments are within easy reach of shopping facilities and public transport.
Our apartments are equipped with all modern conveniences and a daily cleaning service is also provided.

For more details on these apartments visit our "apartments page."


The Terra AustralisThe NavimagOn this cruise through the numerous archipelagos of the Aisén region and the Magellan's, you are immersed in the unequaled beauty of the Patagonian channels and its countless islands, many of which are practically unexplored.


Visit our cruises page to see more information on these great cruises

Skiing / Snowboarding

Chile offers excellent skiing and snowboarding possibilities, with runs suitable for the beginner all the way up to the advanced.
Our resorts have proven to be particularly popular during the summer months in the Northern hemisphere as it allows people to spend their summer holidays skiing. A fact not gone unnoticed by neither the Austrian nor the US national teams who have both used our slopes for their summer training.
We have information available on Portillo and Valle Nevado Ski resorts here or contact us here

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