Snowcapped Villarrica looms majestically over Pucón at 2,840 meters (9318 feet) above sea level. The excursion begins at 7:30 a.m., when you meet with professional guides who will accompany you to the summit of the volcano.

Equipment and transportation are provided. After a four- to six-hour climb, you will be able to look into the crater of an active volcano—perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The summit offers a spectacular view, with other active volcanoes—Llaima, Choshuenco, Quetrupillán, Lanin, and Lonquimay—visible on the horizon.

End the day with a relaxing soak in the pool at Hotel Antumalal, a drink on the terrace, or a well-deserved therapeutic massage.


Rafting and kayaking are popular outdoor activities in Pucón. The glacier-fed Trancura River, with its crystalline whitewater rapids, is the perfect place for rafting. Trancura Bajo offers third-degree rapids, excellent for the whole family (including children older than seven years).

This three-hour excursion takes you through native forests and breathtaking scenery. Trancura Alto offers fourth-degree rapids (recommended only for persons older than fourteen years). A half-day of rafting on Trancura Alto is guaranteed to raise your adrenaline while letting you take in the beautiful landscape from the water.


Many places in the area can be visited on horseback. Riders can ascend to hidden waterfalls, penetrate the Cordillera de los Andes at the foot of Quetrupillan Volcano, or wander along rivers and through ancient araucaria trees.


The name Antumalal means "Corral of the Sun" in the Mapuche language. "The People of the Earth" is what the Mapuche call themselves. These native people were here in the south of Chile long before the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia discovered the region in the mid-1500s.

Spend a day visiting a Mapuche community, observing a festival, or watching skilled artisans create beautiful objects from wood, wool, silver, and lapis lazuli.


In Pucón, hotel guests can play a nine-hole golf course with a magnificent view of the Villarrica Volcano and Lake Villarrica. At the clubhouseyou can rent equipment and hire a caddy for your round.


In the summer guests can sail, windsurf, and water-ski on Lake Villarrica or explore the lake in a motor-boat ride provided by the hotel.


Huerquehue National Park, a mountainous 12,500-hectare (30,900-acre) natural reserve, is located a short drive from Hotel Antumalal. The park offers a wide variety of hikes that traverse dense beech forests containing native vegetation such as coigües, lingues, and araucarias. Araucarias are unique old-growth trees that live for more than a thousand years. The araucaria is known as the Tree of the Mapuches because its Pehuén seed has sustained the Mapuche people for generations. The hiking paths in Huerquehue National Park lead to pleasant waterfalls and gurgling brooks or to splendid vistas ofthe Andes and Volcano Villarrica.
A trip to the park may take most of the day, so be sure to bring a lunch (available from the hotel) and plenty of water.


In an area of volcanic activity, such as the region surrounding Pucón, hot springs abound. These steaming thermal baths rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul-especially on a cool or rainy day. A visit to Los Posones, Termas de Huife, Termas de Menetue, or Termas de San Luis takes approximately half a day.


Mountain bikes can be rented in Pucón. Trails range from easy to demanding, from a half-day to a full day. Each trail offers magnificent scenery and opportunities for swimming and picnicking.


Chile's Lake Region is a paradise for anglers.

We can help organize fly-fishing expeditions, led by expert local guides, on the tranquil and crystalline Río Liucura (about 20 minutes from the hotel) or the more turbulent Río Trancura (about an hour away).
Both rivers offer magnificent scenery as well as excellent fishing for brown and rainbow trout.
At the end of the trip, which lasts approximately three hours, enjoy an asado al palo, a cookout over an open fire.



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