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This list of bed and breakfasts in Chillan is more for travelers on a limited budget like backpackers.

About Chillan's Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels and Cabins

HOTEL PASO NEVADO IN CHILLAN, CHILEThe bed and breakfast places in Chile are for those who want to save on lodging and instead spend their money for sightseeing and getting to know Chile.  Bed and breakfast places in Chile are clean and home-like.  The bathrooms often have to be shared. Usually bed and breakfast places serve some bread with coffee to toast, ham, eggs, jam, coffee, tea, and milk for breakfast. If you're used to a heavy breakfast you may have to go out and eat later.
Spanish help:  To find out if the place you are going has a room just ask: "tiene cuártos?"(do you have rooms?) pronounced "tea-ANY, koo-ARE-toes." If they answer "sí"(see) then go check out the place.  If they answer "no" then you'll have to look some where else.  If the answer is longer then "sí" or "no" and you don't understand you'll just have to guess what they said or hand the phone to someone else and have them try to explain.
tip: Before you travel to Chile make a copy of the pages that are helpful to you and bring them with you.  Use it as a guide to help you locate the places you want to go.

Cabanas Los Andes
Las Trancas is the main ski valley for Chile´s “Nevados De Chillan” ski resort near Chillan. There you'll find some of the best skiing in South America! A few stats: 1,000m vertical drop, 10,000 ha ski able terrain, over 700 cm of natural snow a season, and a 13km ski run, the longest in South America! 
We have 10 cabins (ranging from rustic to luxurious, from 4 to 10 people) set on a large open plot of over 20,000 m2, with plenty of trees, and beautiful views of the mountains, all cabins are private and quiet. Also a great destination for your summer holidays, More information here...
Hotel Paso Nevado
Hotel Paso Nevado is conveniently located in the downtown area of Chillan. It's only 2 blocks from the city's main plaza where you can find the city hall, post office, money exchange, banks and an internet cafe.
The hotel also offers trips to one of Chile's best ski/snow board centers. (Ski trips and day tours upon request. )
Services & facilities include: Rooms: single, double, triple and suit with breakfast included
Services: Internet, coffee shop, laundry service, conference room, bar, central heat, parking, telephone and fax.
More information here...
Bed & Breakfasts
Hostal Constitución We welcome travelers from all around the world!
Nice Flower Garden!

Secure Parking!
Constitución #168
Chillán, Chile

Telephone: (56) (42) 224095 
"Olguita's" Pensión 

Olguita´s place, a nice place to stay at an inexpensive price.
(breakfast and meals on request)

Calle 18 de Septiembre #28
Chillán, Chile
Telephone: (56) (42) 222772
( top )

Orly hotel Santiago, Chile

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