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The bed and breakfast places in Chile are for people who want to save money on lodging so they have

more money for sightseeing and getting to know Chile.  Bed and breakfast places in Chile are clean and

home like.  The bathrooms many times have to be shared.   Usually bed and breakfast places serve you

from a piece of bread with coffee to toast, ham, eggs, jam, coffee, tea, and milk for breakfast.  So when

you stay be prepared for a possibility of a light or heavy breakfast.  If you're use to a heavy breakfast you

may have to go out and eat later.

All of the places listed here are are between $7.00 and $29.00 dollars per person and have two groupings

$7.00 to $19.00 and $20.00 to $29.00  This price is per person so if there are two people the price may

be double however in some cases the additional people may have some discount.  Also in some cases if

you stay several days you may get an overall discount at the end of your stay.  The sales tax of 18% is

included in the price.  Some places do not charge the 18% to foreigners.  All this means that you may end

up paying a little more or a little less but it should give you a pretty good idea of what lodging will cost you.

Bed and Breakfast from $7.00 to $19.00 ( TOP )

Residencial "Colo Colo"
A friendly welcome awaits you at the "Colo Colo" guesthouse!
Colo Colo #743
Concepción, Chile
Phone: (56) (41) 234790

Residencial "San Sebastian"
"Your best alternative right in the heart of Concepción!"
Barros Arana #741
Galería Martínez
Recepción 3rd floor, Ap.35
Concepción, Chile
Telephone: (56) (41) 242710, 259250
Fax:  243412

Residencial "MARY"
"Offering you warm friendly service!"
Freire #1587
Concepción, Chile
Telephone: (56) (41) 233291

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