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Puerto Montt Bed and Breakfast
(In Spanish these places are called "hospedaje," "hostal," "residencial," "pensión," and possibly "hotel."
Lodging is "alojamientos.")

Puerto Montt Chile bed and breakfast, lodging, hotel photo

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From $10.00 to $19.00 U.S.A. Dollars

Don Nicolás and Posada de Pablo

(about $10.00 USA Dollars per person)
E-mail:  hdonnicolas@yahoo.es
Phone:  (56) 65-433305
Cell Phone:  (09) 6395316
See web page. Click here.

From $19.00 to $29.00

Hostal Millantú ( top )
Small hotel
Private Bathrooms, Cable TV and Telephone in each room!
Right Down Town Puerto Montt!
Illapel #146
Puerto Montt - Chile
Fono/Fax:  (56) (65) 263550


General information about Puerto Montt Bed and Breakfast( top )

The bed and breakfast places in Puerto Montt Chile are for people who want to save money

on lodging so they will have more to spend on sightseeing and getting to know the

Puerto Montt Chile area.  Bed and breakfast places in Puerto Montt Chile are clean and

home like.  The bathrooms many times have to be shared but in some places you can

request a private bathroom, although you may have to pay a little more.   Usually bed and

breakfast places serve you from a piece of bread with coffee to toast, ham, eggs, jam,

coffee, tea, and milk for breakfast.  So when you stay be prepared for a possibility of a light

or heavy breakfast.  If you're use to a heavy breakfast you may have to go out and eat later.

All of the places listed here are less than $29.00 dollars per person and many are less than

$19.00. This price is per person so if there are two people the price may be double,

however in some cases the additional people may have some discount.  Also in some cases

if you stay several days you may get an overall discount at the end of your stay.  The sales

tax of 18% is included in the price. Some places do not charge the 18% to foreigners.  All

this means you may end up paying a little more or a little less but it should give you a pretty

good idea of what lodging will cost you.

Spanish help: To find out if the place you are going has a room just ask:

"Tiene cuártos?" (Do you have rooms?) pronounced "tea ANY, koo ARE toes" If they

answer "sí"(see) then go check out the place.  If they answer "no" then you'll have to look

some where else.  If the answer is longer than "sí" or "no" and you don't understand you'll

just have to guess what they said or hand the phone to someone else and have them try to


tip: Before you travel to Chile make a copy of the pages that are helpful to you and bring

them with you.  Use it as a guide to help you locate the places you want to go.

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