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Climbing in Chile
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Climbing in Chile, an unforgettable experience that will make you come back for more
Here you can easy climb or climb the more challenging places in Chile.
ice climbing in the pucon area of chile
Chilean Altiplano and Volcanoes in northern Chile
The mountains in northern Chile, to which the Altiplano, a high altitude plateau (average at 4000 m) that goes from the Peruvian border down to the area of Ojos del Salado volcano, belongs, are mainly volcanoes sorrounded by salt lakes and steppe.
This area has dozens of volcanoes, many of them of high altitude. Among them : Vn. Ojos del Salado (6950 m), Vn. Llullaillaco (6700 m), Vn .Parinacota (6300 m), Vn. Pomerape (6100 m), Vn. Licancabur (5900 m), Vn. Ollagüe (5870 m)

Central Andes
The Central Andes is the name given in Chile to the region of the Andes of Chile and Argentina located between La Serena in Chile (Región de Coquimbo) or San Juan in Arg. on the north and Talca on the south (Región del Maule). This area has the more technical climbs of central Chile and is in general of easy access and has also very stable weather during a long season. It offers many summits above 5000 m.s.n.m.

Southern Andes
Volcanoes in Southern Chile are usually easy to access and stand out of the lower Andean range with excellent views and can be climbed without major difficulty

Patagonian Andes
Patagonia is probably the most famous region of the Andes, but remains still mostly unknown and unexplored, sourrounded by a almost mithical atmosphere. Chile shares this territory with Argentina, but most of the mountains of Patagonia belong to Chile or are on the border. The access though is often much easier through Argentina, with exceptions such as Torres del Paine N.P., the Northern Ice Field or Cordillera Sarmiento. Most of the main summits on the east side of the Andes have been climbed, but many remain unsumitted .

Sport Climbing
Sport climbing has had an incredible growth in the past years in Chile and many new routes have been set up, mainly around Santiago, where most of the climbers (and the Chileans in general) live.

Below are some agencies and other sources that will help you make the most out of your climbing adventure in Chile

  • Sol y Nieve  Based in Pucon, Chile (Climbing Volcano Villarrica)

Orly hotel Santiago, Chile
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