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Skorpios III: Kaweskar Explorer

The Skorpios III sets sail early every Saturday from the city of Puerto Natales, on a 5-day cruise navigating through the canals and fjords that surround the Southern Ice Field in the Chilean Patagonia, considered the third largest fresh water reserve on the planet, and the cradle of the largest and most spectacular glaciers in the southern hemisphere. Discover the Pio XI Glacier, the largest glacier in the southern hemishpere, a real giant at 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) wide and towers above, standing some 75 meters (250 ft) tall, with length of 64 kilometers (40 mi). Get to see the Amalia and Estero Calvo Glaciers, a large sihouette that descends down from the Andes mountain range, a spectacular scene especially with the size and colors in your view. This glacier has a width of approximately 1 kilometer (.62 mi), and a height of 50 meters (165ft) and because of the size and pressure of the glacier, the ice has a crystal appearance because of a lack oxygen within the actual mass of ice.

Cabins:It has 55 cabins with a capacity for 130 passengers. All the cabins have private bathrooms, telephone, music, and closed-circuit television. It is equipped with the most advanced naval engineering system and navigation equipment (echosounder, radar, GPS, GMDSS, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), security and salvage systems, fire stations, smoke sensors, sprinklers, Carbon Dioxide extinguishers, etc. In addition, it counts on a global satellite telephone service, for passenger use, according to the current rates.. The international cuisine on board is based mostly on shellfish and fish, with a fixed menu and open bar service.


  • Saturday Puerto Natales
    Passenger reception at the Puerto Natales airport, and transfer of courtesy to the Skorpios offices. Board at 17:00 PM. Welcome cocktail and dinner on board. At 18:00 PM, set sail from Puerto Natales. Sail through the Patagonian and Morla Vicuña Channels, Kirke Passage, and Union Bay.
  • Sunday Amalia Glacier
    Continue sailing throughout the morning through the Sarmiento, Pitt and Concepción Channels. Arrival to Antrim Fjord at 7:00 PM. Dinner on board. Informal dance.
  • Monday Pio XI Glacier
    Arrival at Pío XI Glacier in the morning. Sail by the front side of the Glacier. Set out again at midday and navigate the Eyre Bay, Grappler Channel, and (Paso del Indio) Indian Passage. Arrival at Puerto Edén in the afternoon. Disembark the ship and into boats that will take you to the village located on Wellington Island. At dusk, set out from Puerto Edén, sailing through the Indian Passage and (Paso del Abismo) Abyss Passage.
  • Tuesday Brujo Glacier
    We will visit the Calvo Fjord in the morning where we can admire 4 glaciers of different shapes and sizes. Participate in an excursion aboard the "Hercules" (icebreaker motor boat). The ship will get closer to the Calvo Glacier as long as ice conditions permit. At 1:00 PM, set sail. Navigate the Peel Fjord in the afternoon and visit the Asia and Amalia Fjords. We will reach land around 6:00 PM and dock at Villarrica Wharf. Boatrides are available, weather permitting. Set out once again from Villarrica Wharf at night.
  • Wednesday Seno Ultima Esperanza
    Visit the Fjord of the Mountains in the morning, where we will observe 5 small glaciers that hang from the hills and reach out towards the sea. Hike to the Bernal Glacier. Set sail from this Fjord in the afternoon and cross the Kirke Passage to arrive to Seno de Última Esperanza (Last Hope Inlet) and cast anchor for the night. Farewell party and formal dance.
  • Thursday Puerto Natales
    Navigate the Last Hope Inlet back to the Skorpios terminal in Puerto Natales, arriving around 8:30 AM. Disembark at 10:00 AM and transfer of courtesy to the Puerto Natales Airport.


  • Departure days: Saturday
    Return : Thursday
  • Total : 06 Nights of lodging


  • Low Season : April and May 2010 (departure until 08 May 2010)
  • Middle Season : October, November and December 2009. (05 and 12 Dec.09) . February 27th.2010
  • High Season : December 2009 (20 and 27.Dec) - January and February 2010 until 20 February 2010

Rates are per passenger. And include:

  • - Breakfasts, lunch and dinner.
  • - Open Bar.
  • - Welcome Cocktails and farewell party.
  • - All the activities inside the ship.
  • - Bar (no additional cost)
  • - Access to all the ship's quarters without restrictions (from the machine room to the control bridge, even the kitchen)
  • - No restrictions on cuisine and menu variation without cost
  • - Game rooms and lecture rooms
  • - Smoking and non-smoking bars
  • - Bilingual travel information, simultaneous conversation
  • - Translation
  • - Satellite telephone
  • - Cable TV, open TV
  • - Gymnasium
  • - All the comforts of a luxury service hotel.

  • Rates Season 2009 - 2010
    Cabinas /Cabins Low Season Middle Season High Season
    Single Atenas USD$ 3.100 USD$ 3.650 USD$ 4.300
    Double B Atenas USD$ 2.000 USD$ 2.300 USD$ 2.700
    Double A Acrópolis USD$ 2.150 USD$ 2.450 USD$ 2.950
    Double A Parthenon USD$ 2.250 USD$ 2.550 USD$ 3.050
    Double A Athos USD$ 2.250 USD$ 2.550 USD$ 3.050
    Double Matrimonial Olympo USD$ 2.400 USD$ 2.750 USD$ 3.250
    Suite Junior Athos USD$ 2.550 USD$ 2.900 USD$ 3.500
    Suite Master Olympo USD$ 2.750 USD$ 3.200 USD$ 3.750
    Aditional Embarkation boarding tax : US$15
    01 to 05 years old: Free, sharing bed
    From 6 years old: Normal Rate

    Suite Master Cabin Cabin with King Size bed and window. Luxury Suite.
    Suite Junior Cabins Cabin with Queen Size and window. Luxury Suite
    Double Matrmonial Cabin Cabin with Queen Size bed and window
    Double A - B Cabin Cabin with Queen Size Bed or twin beds with window
    Single - Double Atenas Cabin Cabin with Queen Size Bed or twin beds. No window

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