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Fishing in Chile's Lake District
Jumping Chile Fundo Chacaipulli

Southern Chile has lots of rivers, lakes and streams for you to fish.

fly fishing in chile south americawomen with fish in chileriver fishing in chile

If you like to fish for fun or are really serious about fishing you can find it all in Chile.
Chile is one of the few places left in the world where you can find great fishing in the wilderness.
Many outdoor sports magazines praise Chile as one of the best places to fish. If you like fly fishing or just fishing off the dock you will find it in Chile.
One of the good things about fishing in Chile is if you live in the Northern hemisphere you can
come down here in the winter to fish because down here it will be summer. 
That way you can fish all
year around. 

Recommended fishing months
Species Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Resident Trout
Resident Salmon
Atlantic Llanquihue              
Coho Llanquihue              
King Llanquihue              
Migratory Trout
Sea Run Brown Estuaries              
Steelhead Estuaries              
Migratory Salmon
Coho Estuaries              
King Estuaries              

   Prime fishing months    Limited availability

Come down and find your favorite fishing hole.
Check out the fishing opportunities below.

man holding fish he caught in southern chile
  Jumping Chile:
  Fly fishing and more.
  Enter here.

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