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Chilln, Chile
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cathedral of chillan - chile

Chillan, Chile is a mid-sized town with a population of about 150,000 people and located in the BiobĂ­o Region of Chile located about 400 km south of the country's capital, Santiago, near the geographical center of the country.

There is a lot of local history in Chillan. Back in 1939 there was an earthquake that destroyed most of the city. In memory of the people who died in the quake a cross was built 30 meters high, each meter representing 1000 people killed and it's a must see during your stay in Chillan.

Chillan Viejo, a city right next to Chillan, has a museum of Bernardo O´Higgins, one of the great heroes of Chilean history. And not too far from here you can see the Museum of Arturo Prat the great navy hero who gave his life for his country during the Pacific war. He now has his face on the largest bill in Chile, the $10.000 peso bill.

Many people come to Chillan because of the great outdoor opportunities like skiing (season June - September), hot springs, and hiking. Take a look around in the chile-travel.com links for more information on how you can spend your time in Chillan, Chile.

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