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Puerto Montt
Puerto Natalis & Torres del Paine
Puerto Varas
Punta Arenas
Rio Hurtado/Pisco Elqui
San Pedro de Atacama
Viña del Mar
Arica is a great place to begin your adventure in the northern part of Chile.  You can enjoy the warm Pacific beaches, tour around the city and see the hieroglyph, later take a tour to the Altiplano and experience all the wild life in the driest desert in the world.  The Atacama Desert has no sign of life on one hand but on the other hand the beautiful green valleys that cut through the desert are full of life.  From Arica you can make your connection to the neighboring countries of Peru and Bolivia South America.(top)

Calama (Rent a car)
Close to Calama is the worlds largest copper mine and some interesting  archeological sites.  It is located in the middle of the Atacama desert, the driest of the world.(top)

Antofagasta is a coastal city in the north of Chile where beautiful rock formations by the beaches are their main tourist attractions.  The worlds largest telescope is being built in mount Paranal 200 km South of Antofagasta.  This is the area with the clearest skies of the world, where only 20 days out of the year is there a cloud in the sky.(top)

Copiapó (Rent a car)
Nice beaches, most of them unexploited, surround the area of Copiapo.  A perfect place to visit the flowering desert.  A phenomenon that occurs only some years, but it is the most wonderful spectacle mother nature can provide.(top)

La Serena (Beaches, rent a car)
If you want a nice rest on a perfect beach, this is the place to go.  The well named Pacific (meaning peaceful) Ocean waters are warm and ready to receive tourists from all over the world.  Close to La Serena, there are beautiful valleys where the world famous Chilean grapes are grown.(top)

Rio Hurtado/Pisco Elqui (horseback, trekking, hacienda living, bed and breakfast)
Adventure in the desert and valley on horse or on foot. One of North Chile's great hideouts.
Activities in the area are horseback riding, trekking, enjoying the beauty of the desert and the valley and staying in an old reconstructed hacienda.(top)

Viña del Mar ( beach and history "Valparaiso" hotel, apartments, tourist information, rent a car)
Viña del Mar is a great place to take a vacation if  you like to go to the beach and relax.  It is only a little over an hour form Santiago the Capital of Chile so if your are in Santiago for a few days and have some time off you won't want to miss Viña del Mar.  Viña del Mar is said to be one of the most modern cities in Chile.  It truly is a pretty city.  Bring your family and enjoy the sun and the sandy beaches near Viña del Mar.  Go sailing on the Pacific blue waters.  Enjoy the view from your room.(top)

Santiago (tour agencies for outdoors and travel, hotel, bed and breakfast, apartments, rent a car)
With a population of about 5 million people Santiago is the largest and most important city in Chile. Santiago has a modern subway system that make getting around this big city a lot easier.  Find out what Santiago Chile has to offer. Give them a click!(top)

Easter Island
Rapa Nui or Easter Island is among the loneliest islands on earth.  It was discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722.  Revealing to the world the remains of an ancient civilization.  The impressive monuments which are distributed all over the Island which still remain a mystery to mankind .  It is considered the largest open air museum in the world.  Visit the monuments, the beaches and learn about the romantic stories of the past.(top)

Chillán (Real Chile)
Chillán is a quiet city located about 5 hours south of Santiago by car and 50 minutes by plane.   It's a great place to stop and relax for a day or two on your way to the lakes in south Chile.  If you like snow skiing this is the city to visit because just a few miles from here sits one of the best ski areas in Chile. Click on Chillán and take a look around!(top)

Concepción (Caravan tour connection to all of chile, rent a car)
Concepción area has a population of over 1,000,000. Concepción is near a sea port and not too many kilometers from the ocean. A flight to Concepción from Santiago is reasonably priced and takes a little more than an hour to get there. In Concepción you can find a nice place to stay, check out the city for a day or two and then rent a car and go on day trips, to the ocean, the national park, and the many other outside activities.(top)

Los Angeles (Wilderness stay)
Los Angeles is said by some to be the gateway to the south. There are many hiking opportunities from here. There are national parks, rafting and many other outdoor activities near here.(top)

Temuco (lake district connection, tourist information, rent a car)
Temuco is said by many to be the gateway to the lake district. Rent a car here and take off for the lakes. Spend some time on the beaches, fishing, hiking in the woods, rafting and more.(top)

Lican Ray (lake district, watersports, trekking outdoors, cabins)
Apply named "Rock Flower" in the Mapuche Language, Lican Ray is a rustic and tranquil small town on the shores of the Calafquen Lake.
The town itself provides all the modern basic necessities, but does so in its own style and pace.
It prides itself on its dark volcanic sand beaches.(top)

Villarrica (lake Villarrica, outdoor activities, bed and breakfast with lake view)
Villarrica Chile is located along the shore of the beautiful lake of Lake Villarrica.  Across the lake you can see the snow covered top of the Volcano Villarrica.  From here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the landscape and all that nature and the outdoors has to offer you.  You can go skiing, rafting, horseback riding, fishing, bathe in the hot springs, swimming, camping and hiking in the national parks and much more.(top)

Pucón (Rafting, Skiing, Trekking, Outdoors, Hotels)
Your adventure begins in Pucón, a small city located right next to lake Villarrica and at the foot of the live Volcano Villarrica. From here you can raft in the rivers, enjoy a relaxing day in the hot springs, go skiing (in season) and experience many other outdoor activities.(top)

Valdivia (farm holiday, Trekking, hotel, tourist information, fishing)
Valdivia is a great small city on the edge of a river. There are cruise boats that can take you on day cruise to the Island and to some Spanish forts.  There is lots of Spanish history here. See live reenactments at the forts of the Spanish fighting there enemies.(top)

Frutillar (February the Classical Music Week, fishing, hotel with tourist information)
In the month of February the Classical Music Week attracts tourists from around the world.(top)

Puerto Varas (lake, hotel, horseback, waterfalls, tourist information)
Some say if you had to choose one city to visit in Chile, Puerto Varas, Chile would be that city. Puerto Varas is right on one of the biggest lakes in Chile. Across the deep blue water you can see two snow capped volcanos reflecting there beauty into the lake Llanquihue. Puerto Varas is a small town that you can walk around in just a short time. From Puerto Varas you can get tours to take you to all the great sights in the area. Not only is Puerto Varas a central place to be based in this part of Chile but it is also a beautiful place just to enjoy the shops, restaurants, etc. and relax and recharge your batteries.(top)

Puerto Montt (seafood, day adventure trips, bed and breakfast, cruise connections,rent a car)
Puerto Montt is situated on the Bay of Puerto Montt. Puerto Montt is protected on the west side by the Island of Tenglo. You can cross from the main land to the island in a row boat for about 50 cents. On the Island you can hike to the cross at the top of the hill and see the deep blue bay, the city of Puerto Montt and several beautiful snow covered volcanos. You can take a boat ride through the Tenglo Canal which lies between the island and the main land.  Puerto Montt is the beginning point to many of the cruises that take you to southern Chile.  Puerto Montt is a good place to base yourself when in this part of Chile.(top)

Chiloe Island (northern Patagonia)(sea kayaking)
Chiloe just 30 minutes by ferry from mainland Chile is a great place to do some sight seeing and maybe try a little sea kayaking. Come to Chiloe Island and experience the culture and have some fun.(top)

For those who want to get away from it all, Coyhaique offers you the opportunity for rest and relaxation. Just hiking in the forest and fishing on the rivers will give you a feeling that you have gone back in time and are in another world.(top)

Punta Arenas (Tours/ Torres de Paine, Glaciers, Penguins, Farm visits and more)
A city located at the southern end of South America, one of the few  places in the world where you can snow ski while looking at the ocean.  It is right beside the Magellan Strait  where most ships use to travel before the Panama Cannel was constructed. (top)

Orly hotel Santiago, Chile

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