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Chillán travel agencies are here to help make your travel in Chile the best possible. Each

travel agency has something special and unique of their own. Here are a list of some of the

best travel agencies in Chillán. Take a look at their sites, contract them and see what they

have to offer. They'll connect you to the real Chile.

Note:  Travel agencies may or may not be connected with e-mail yet so you might have to

send them a fax for now.

Tip:Make a copy of this and other pages an bring them to Chile with you so you can easily

find the places you are looking for when you arrive.

Favor:Please tell anyone you contact that you found their place (site) in the internet.


ALBAT0UR (Click to see web page!)
Trips and Tours
We have excursions, mountain climbing, horse riding,
tickets for national and international flights and cruises!
18 de Septiembre #342D
Chillan, Chile
Tel./Fax: 56 42 213857, 227392

J B TURISMO (since 1988)
Libertad 845. oficina 502
Chillán, Chile
Tel.: 56 42 210744

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