Concepcin, Chile
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Concepción, Chile is located along the Bio Bio river next to the Pacific coast,  Concepción is the second largest city in Chile with a  population of over 1,000,000 when combined with its  neighboring cities Talcahuano. 

Here you will find one of the main ports of Chile, some of the  biggest coal mines, and a large Naval base.  If you visit the naval base you can take a tour on the peruvian battleship  "Huascar"  that defeated Arturo Prat, a great Chilean Navy hero during the Pacific War.

Some of the main things to do in Concepción would be to visit  a few of the museums and see the beautiful campus of the  University of Concepción. 

If you like nature you'll want to rent a car, get out of town and  see the natural beauty of the area. You can drive along the  beautiful coast, stop and explore the beaches or go hiking in  the national parks that are nearby. has provided a few links for you to visit which  should make your trip to Concepción, whether for business or  pleasure, more enjoyable.


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