Fundo Curanilahue
is a typical Chilean style farm offering the highest quality Southern cuisine and the finest wines, with the rooms situated in the farm's exquisite gardens. With a view of the snow capped Andes, one can horse ride, or walk, around the 1300 acre farm, or just relax in the colourful garden watching the humming birds in flight, whilst sipping a Pisco sour!
8There are five double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, situated in the beautiful, colourful gardens. Each bedroom has a firewood burner that can be lit on request. The living room and dining room, decorated withtraditional Chilean rusticity, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an early evening drink.Homemade southern food is served and local produce is used whenever possible
A full English breakfast is available including homemade bread, fresh milk from the farm's cow and eggs laid by the farm chickens! Breakfast can be served either in the dining Room, in your room or on the terrace. The Choice is yours!
There is a tennis court and a heated swimming pool situated in the gardens.

Activities and Excursions:

  • Horse riding around 500 acres of cropland, 700 acres of forests mainly pine and eucalyptus, as well as 100 acres of untouched native vegetation.

  • Hiking: there are a number of different trails to take you exploring and discovering the beauty of the farm, and its flora and fauna.

  • Chillan Market: A visit to Chillan Market to see one of Chile's most colourful and attractive open-air markets. It is a sprawling affair offering a great selection of local crafts, from riding saddles, hats,to clay pots and jumpers, aswell as mountains of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Salto Del Laja - 2 kilometres down river from the farm the River Laja drops 50 metres over a steep escarpment, creating a spectacular waterfall, before joining the Biobío at La Laja, 40 km to the west.

  • Parque Nacional Laguna del Laja - an 11,600-hectare water reserve with calm, emerald waters, surrounded by desolute volcanic rock banks. This national park protects the mountain cypress Austrocedrus Chilensis and the Pehuén, or monkey puzzle tree, Araucaria araucana (at the northern limit of its distribution). Mammals are rare even though puma, foxes and vizcachas can be spotted, but nearly 50 species of bird exist in the area, including the Andean condor. It takes two hours by jeep to reach the Laguna. A picnic situated on the shores of the Laguna Laja can be arranged, followed by some hiking around Volcán Antuco which provides views of both the Sierra Velluda and the lake

  • Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta - A two hour drive from the farm towards the Pacific, the coastal range rises to nearly 1600 metres, covered with majestic Araucaria pines. The Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta was created in 1939 to protect one of the last Araucaria forests outside the Andes. The Araucaria pine, also known as the pahuén or monkey-puzzle tree, have in some cases been known to reach 50 metres in height and two metres in diameter. The 1600-hectare park also features Nothofagus (Southern Beech). Some 950 metres above sea level, permanent streams have cut deep canyons into the plain, while in contrast the peaks have risen abruptly, up to 1565 metres on the summit to Alto Nahuelbuta. The Chiloé fox and the miniature Chilean deer known as the pudú can also be sighted. Nahuelbuta has 30 km of roads and 15 km of footpaths, so both car-touring and hiking are possible. On the return journey from the Park, a visit to the CONAF run museum, 'Centro de Informaciones Ecológicas' can be arranged, where rangers offer audiovisual presentation on the local environment.

  • A visit to a typical Chilean trout farm, where one can catch ones dinner! Set in amongst a mass of 'lily's', are a number of pools being home to the 'Rainbow Trout'

  • The Laja Golf Club - A Nine hole Golf Club is a thirty minute drive from the farm, with a tennis court, swimming pool and restaurant.

Location: How to get there

  • By air - It's an hour and 15 minutes drive from Concepcion airport. Flights to Concepcion from Santiago are frequent and are one hour in duration.
  • By land - It's approximately a six hour drive from Santiago, and it is about a two and a half hour drive from Temuco.


Fundo Curanilahue, Tel (+56) (43) 197 2819, VIII Region, Chile.
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