Restaruant of the Hotel Colina in Villarrica, Chile

     Villarrica has a variety of food and restaurants establishments. You can eat fast food, Italian,

Chinese, steak and grill, pizza, family style, coffee and sandwich, and many more choices. The

prices range from $2.00 for a hot dog, fries and a pop, to considerably more for an elegant meal.

     Below are some of the finest restaurants you can find in Villarrica. Check out the restaurants

that have sites and see what whets you appetite.

     Make a copy of these Villarrica restaurants and when you arrive to Villarrica you will have

some of the best restaurants in Villarrica in hand.

(At the moment we only have one restaurant listed which we highly recommend.  We hope to have a wider variety of restaurants for you to choose from in the future.)


Restaurant and Bar
Hosteria de la Colina, Villarrica Chile, hotel, cabins logo
Safe and Savory--Internationally Famous Food
see our Web page and menu
Hosteria de la Colina
Restaurant and Bar
Casilla 382
Las Colinas 115
Villarrica, Chile
Phono/Fax: (56) (45) 411503

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