Marilu's bed and breakfast in Santiago - Chile - South America


Friendly Chilean Home
Traditional family dinners

Join us for dinner

We greatly enjoy varied national and international company and the exchange of ideas and cultures that tends to result.
What better way to break the ice then joining us around the dinner table and get to know Chile as well as its customs while enjoying a home made meal.
Please contact us if you and your friends or family would like to join us.

Being such a long country stretched over a variety of landscapes and climate zones, Chile has a large range of local food and drink.
Due to its immense coastline bordering the pacific ocean, seafood is an obvious highlight in the chilean cuisine and lets not forget its world renowed wines.

Chilean food
Below are some of the ingredients and dishes we provide.
Chilean food should not be confused with the spicy dishes common in Mexico. Unlike Mexican meals, the hot chili is not too frequent in Chile.

Pastel de choclo
a typical chilean summer dish. Ground corn and meat, chopped onions small pieces of chicken, pieces of hard boiled egg, olive raisins - baked in clay or regular oven. Similar to a shepherd pie.

Empenada de pino - typical turnover filled with diced meat, onions, olive, raisins and a piece of hard-boiled egg, baked in earthen or plain oven.
Empenada de queso - typical turnover filled with cheese.

A native type of eggfruit with a soft and very pleasant taste as well as being high in nutritious value, most commonly used in deserts and ice-creams
Machas (pink clams)
One of chile's many "sea fruits".
Pebre(Chilean pesto-like hot sauce)
A spicy side dish common on the chilean dining table.

Palta (Avocado)
What can we say? tasty, healthy, wel known and used extensively in the chilean kitchen.
Plain, in salads, as a dressing or in souces and other side-dishes.

Pie de Limon (lemon pie)
Rich and sweet, a great way to end a dinner

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