Angelmó Seafood in Puerto Montt, Chile

Here are some of the best places to eat exotic seafoods and fish. Look down the list and see

what wets your appetite! Thanks to the people that have put the ads on this page you have

more information about the Puerto Montt area. Take down a list of names or print out a copy

from here and support these kitchen by eating your favorite seafood or fish at their places.

Tip: When you get to the seafood and fish building many from other kitchens that are not on the list

below  will try to persuade you to enter their restaurants. Don't let them confuse you.  Go directly to

the kitchens listed below.

Local No. 20
(Palafitos 2nd floor)
We offer you: spider(king) crabs, oysters, shrimp,  seafood soup, fried congrio,
buttered salmon etc.
"While you are eating the delicious food, enjoy the beautiful view of the sea."

The owner Silvia Balbontín will be at your service.
Phone: (56) (65) 266795 - Angelmo -Puerto Montt - Chile
Visit our web page for photos, menu and more details now!(click)
(10% discount for for Internet users.)

Hernan and Miriam
We offer the following to you our distinguished customer:
Breakfast, Completos, Empanadas, Seafood, meat, fish, lunch,
quick lunch, and economical prices.
We also have seafood to go!

The owners Hernan and Miriam will be at your service!
Home phone: (56) (65) 266687

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