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Rapa Nui, Magic And Charm, 4 Days/3 Nights

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Rapa Nui, Magic And Charm, 4 Days/3 Nights

The early settlers called the island "Te Pito O Te Henua" (Navel of The World). Admiral Roggeveen, who came upon the island on Easter Day in 1722, named it Easter Island. Today, the land, people and language are all referred to locally as Rapa Nui.
Easter Island today, remains one of the most unique places you will ever encounter; an open air museum showcasing a fascinating, but unfortunately lost, culture.

  • Day 1: Santiago to Easter Island
    Reception at Mataveri Airport with flower garlands and transfer to hotel. (D)
  • Day 2 Easter Island-volcano Rano Raraku and Anakena Beach (Culture Rapa Nui)
    A full day, including Hanga Te'e Bay, and unrestored platform Ahu Vaihu, visit the "moai factory" in the Rano Raraku volcano, ending in Anakena beach. Return to hotel in Hanga Roa. (B, BL)
  • Day 3: Easter Island Orongo (Cultural Bird Man)
    We will visit the extinct volcano Rano Kau in a half-day tour, ending with a visit to the ceremonial village of Orongo. Before returning to the village, you will visit the cave of Ana Kai Tangata with it's paintings of seabirds. (D)
  • Day 4: Easter Island-Santiago
    Flight departure after a short transfer from airport Mataveri.
    Farewell with necklaces of marine shells.
  • Your flight back to Santiago.
    ***End of our services***

  • Program Includes:
    • Easter Island
      • Transfers between airport and hotel on easter island
      • 03 nights lodging on Easter Island including breakfast
      • Full day tour to Rano raraku and Anakena beach incl. box lunch
      • Entry to the National Park
      • Half day tour to Orongo
  • Program does not include:
    • Flights, airline tickets and taxes
    • Additional services not mentioned in the program.

  • General Remarks:
    • Rates per person, per program, as per periods mentioned
    • Rates are valid for non-resident in Chile foreigners
    • Minimum of 2 passengers travelling together
    • Daily departures:
      • Regular services, with bilingual guide (Spanish/ English or Portuguese)
    • Not Included Air tickets and taxes.
    • Not included any item not mentioned in the program
    • Nomenclature utilized; B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner BL=box lunch
    • Check In 15:00 hrs.
    • Check Out 12:00 hrs
Note that the price mentioned above is the start price per person based on double occupancy.
The final price may change depending on your desires or individual needs.
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Rapa Nui, Magic And Charm, 4 Days/3 Nights


  • Full day tour Rano Raraku volcano, Ahu Tongariki, Anakena beach
    • Duration : 7,5 hrs.
    • Drive to the southcoast and visit representative examples of not restored platforms, Ahus Vaihu in the bay of Hanga Te’e, and Akahanga, where supposedly the famous king Hotu Matua was buried. Proceed to Rano Raraku, quarry of almost 900 stone statues, 397 of them still lying or standing at the slopes of the  extinct volcano with crater lake.
      Then visit Ahu Tongariki (restored with 15 Moais), most recent and biggest restauration on the island. Drive to the eastcoast and visit Ahu Te Pito Kura and the “Navel of the World”. Last but not least visit the beach of Anakena with its restored Ahus Nau Nau and Ature Huke. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean. Return to hotel.
  • Half day tour Rano Kau volcano and Orongo
    • Duration: 3,5 hrs.
    • Drive up the extinct volcano Rano Kau, appreciate on the way a view over the whole island and see its distinct geological features, proceed to an outlook at the crater lake. Afterwards drive to the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the birdman competition took place and you can see the spectacular petroglyphs related to this culture, enjoy the breathtaking view towards the 3 islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao opposite the coast. Drive down again to Ahu Vinapu (not restored) and for some still proof of the influence of pre-inca arquitects in Easter Island culture. Last stop is Ana Kai Tangata cave with paintings. Return to hotel.
  • Half day tour Ahu Akivi, Puna Pau quarry
    • Duration ca. 3,5 hrs.
    • Drive to restored Ahu Akivi with 7 Moais, built in the middle of the island. The legend tells us that these statues are representing the 7 explorers who were sent to Rapa Nui by the king Hotu Matua. Proceed to the unrestored Ahu Hanga Poukura. Then visit the topknot-quarry Puna Pau with its red scoria stone, where all the Pukaos were made. We will also visit the ceremonial site of Tahai with 3 Ahus and restored statues, remains of boathouses, a boat ramp and other features. Here we see the only statue with eyes. return to hotel.

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