Sol y Nieve specialist in snow skiing, rafting, trekking and climbing Volcano Villarrica near Pucon, Chile
Welcome to SOL Y NIEVE  in Pucon, Chile. We specialize in: Rafting - Climbing - Trekking - Horse riding
 About us:

Sol y Nieve Travel Adventure, is a specializing and recognized company, with a path of more than 20 years of experience in the area of the tourism it(he,she) ventures, circuits of tourist attraction, tour conventional, city tour, special movements, extreme sports and sports events.

Turismo Sol y Nieve Pucón, Worried about his safety. We have the best guides in the respective activities. With wide experience in Chile and abroad.

Guides of mountain, trekking and climbing, guides of rafting, kayak, hidrospeed, ducky, with years of experience in turbulent waters Class (the IIIrd / the IVth / V +).

We have the best equipping, to provide safety and an unforgettable trip.

Our philosophy and experience has led us to satisfying the needs of our clients and beside organizing special programs for big and small enterprises, hereby the attention is mas direct and personalized. looks for the activity that you want to realize with us, we have the ascent to the volcano villarrica and other volcanoes, rafting in the rivers Trancura, Liucura, San Pedro and the river Futaleufu, cavalcades in sector the snow-capped mountains, canopy, paintball, thermal baths, city tour, tour for the zone, trekking to national parks Huerquehue, Villarrica, Conguillio, tour volcanic caves, fishing and sports hunt, observation of birds, etc.

A few quotes:
"Great day! Great organization! Lots of fun. Highly recommended. Kunuce Group. Cheers! (UK)

Wonderful experience! Loved it all - tough but fun.

Thanks for the great guides Nida Waylott (UK)

This was really fantastic… it was really cool!!! Kutge Pelle and Tansira (Netherlands)

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  • Note! The Reservations for this excursion must carry out with a day of anticipation.
  • Season: All year around, depending on the weather conditions
  • The Climb: Climbing to the crater of this live volcano is an unforgettable adventure for local and foreign travelers alike
  • Our Experience: With 20 years experience, and hundreds of climbers escorted, we are experts on this climb.
  • Departure: We depart every day (depending on the weather) from Sol y Nieve at 7 a.m. and drive to the ski-center
  • Duration: The climb is made in about 6 to 8 hours, it is not a technical climb, and average slopes between 25 and 35 degrees
  • Requirements: Participants must be older than 14 years old, and must be in good physical condition.
  • Clothing needed: A warm sweater or polar fleece, loose and warm trousers,(jogging pants), long sleeve shirt, an extra pair of socks and sun block, sun glasses. Season: All year around, depending on the weather conditions
  • Includes: Complete equipment : Trekking shoes (light, comfortable and water proof) Over pants, (and protection to slide down) Over jacket Gaiters Crampons Piolet Gloves Backpack Helmet Professional bilingual guide (English, Spanish) and one assistant Transport. Entrance to the Villarrica national park Full insurance
  • Not included: Food Sunglasses and solar cream (high level of protection) Chair Lift (optional)
  • Itinerary: The tour begins at 7:00 a.m., hour in which the passengers will meet in the office. Equipment: We supply everything that is needed. They will be moved to the skirts of the Volcano Villarrica. Once there our guides will give us the safety instructions, and the ascent that lasts 3 at 4 hours with an average of earrings(slopes) between 25 and 35 degrees, up to coming to the top of the Volcano, from where it appreciates a majestic panoramic sight of the zone. From the top of the Volcano there can be distinguished the volcanoes Quetrupillan, Lanin, Lonquimay, Choshuenco and Llaima. Besides the lakes Villarrica, Caburgua, Calafquen, Pellaifa and Huilipilun. If we are lucky we will be able to estimate the explosions of magma that take place (are produced) in the crater. Then an exciting descent waits for us for the natural slides for the eternal snow of the massive volcano.
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  • Season: It is possible to realize all the year round and if the conditions meteológicas like that allow it.
  • Description: This activity is one of the most exciting adventures in Pucón. Many tourists visit anually the zone to develop this exclusive activity for the rapid ones of the river trancura class III.
    In this part of the river the water wealth is minor and the inclination of rapid is less pronounced, for what it turns out to be an ideal excursion for the whole family. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and wild birds of the zone.
  • Included: Complete equipment:Wet suit, gloves, Neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet, oars, professional bilingual guide (English, Spanish), transport, full insurance.
  • Not included: Food, towel.
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  • Season: It is possible to realize all the year round and if the conditions meteológicas like that allow it.
  • Description: The High Rafting Trancura, is the activity of Tourism stronger Adventure in our Pucón's zone, getting down in our rafts adapted for rapid class the IVth, and only carrying the jump of the marimán (class the VIth), these voluminous and crystalline waters are of the high part of the river.
    The rapid most out-standing are: jump of the doggy, the throat of the devil, jump of the snub and the last smile.
  • Included: Complete equipment, wet suit, gloves, neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet, oars, professional bilingual guide (English, Spanish), transfer, coffee and cookies at the end, insurance.
  • Not included : Food, towel.
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  • Location: Only 38 km from Pucón.
  • Pax: Minimum 4 people
  • Season: From Nov. Until the first snow. Late April
  • Description: Quetrupillan is a 2 night 3 day trek where you get a chance to see some of the places in the region that you wouldnt normaly get to see.
  • Itinerary: The track starts from Sol y Nieves campsite and arrives the first night after around 6-8 hours of trekking at Laguna Azul at the base of Volcán Quetrupillan.
    It is one of the most beautiful lakes of the region, and if time permits we can trek to the top of the Volcano Quetrupillan.
    The next day after breakfast the trek continues and you arrive at one of the Glaciers after another 6-8 hours of trekking through of the national park Villarrica
    The final day is spent comming down from the National Park where there is a BBQ awaiting you
  • Includes: Horses that carry your gear, the equipment, food, guides, professional bilingual guide (English, Spanish), transport, entrance to National Park Huerquehue
    equipment:Trekking shoes (light, comfortable and water proof) -(optional), over pants and over jacket, backpack.
  • Not included: Food
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  • General: We offer 3 days/2 nights, or a 2 days/1 night trek, at the end of this hike the local hot springs will await you
  • Season: from. late nov. up to april
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  • Description: It is a great opportunity to see some of the natural escenario of great beauty in the landscape of the south of chili.
    Sierra Madre is a very scenic horseback riding excursion through Los Nevados sector.
    The trip in total is a half day excursion that includes a 4 hour horseback riding trip.
  • Itinerary: You start out from our ranch in the countryside with your group and your guide.
    The horseback riding is for all experience levels.
    You ride through natural forests and across a volcanic ash feild seeing where the lava flows of the past have left their marks.
    After around 2 hours you arrive on the far side of Volcán Villarrica. You have an incredible view of the Andes mountains, a couple volcanos including Volcán Villarrica and the mountains of the region.
    Afterwards you return to the ranch where a snack and some drinks awaits you.
    Spend some time at the ranch, relaxing. and then we will take you back to pucon.
  • Included: The trip includes the guide, horses, transportation and snack and drink to the end.
  • Not included: Sun block.
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  • Description: Located to 10 km from Pucón I walk to Caburgua, Metreñehue's sector. The circuit has a duration of 1 ½ hrs. and develops in an island formed by the river Trancura, between oaks, coihues, ulmos and copihues.
    With more than 2.000 meters of cable of steel, designed and imported for this sport as all the technical elements used for this activity. They are 11 lines ú stations that go from 40 to 120 mts of length with maximum heights of up to 25mts. You can reach speeds between 20 to 35 km/hr.
  • Included: Equipment, harness, special gloves, helmet, professional guide, transfer.
  • Not included: Food.
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  • Season: It is possible to realize all the year round and if the conditions like that allow it
  • Duration: One day activity
  • Description: We invite you to enjoy Pucón's surroundings with the beautiful landscapes.
  • Itinerary: We go out from our office to go to the volcanic bullfight " The Turbid one ", eruption happened in that December 29, 1971, later we will visit the beautiful Eyes of the Caburga, which it is an underground water of the Lake Caburgua, surrounded with an exuberant vegetation.
    We continue 4 km up to Lake Caburgua, with 53 square kilometres of surface, it possesses hot waters and a beautiful natural scene, where there stand out the volcano Villarrica and a leafy vegetation. His origin is volcanic and his beaches possess clear and pleasant waters.
    Then, we wil continue our trip to finish in Huife's exquisite thermal waters.
  • Included: Entrance to Ojos del Caburgua, transport, entrance to Hot Spring
  • Not included: Food, towel.
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  • Description: Relax and enjoy the moonlight..
    These thermal baths are famous for his natural pozones made with rocks in a rustic style. With 7 pozones of different sizes and temperatures, changing between them 30°C and 42ºC.
    The river Liucura traverses close to the thermal baths, which makes possible to change temperature zambulléndose in a few minutes in the river..
  • Included: Entrance to the hot springs, transport.
  • Not included : Food, towels.
  • Other possible hot spring destinations:
    • Huife, San Luis, Menetue, Quimey-co, Geometricas
William E. Hatcher: director
Sol y Nieve Travel Adventure - Pucon - Chile
Lincoyan 361, Tel. (+56-45) 444761
WEB: English site, Sitio en EspaÑOl

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