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Personal touring
When you require a car with all expenses paid and an English speaking driver for touring or business activities. Not only its confortable, and secure, but also you have the liberty to go wherever you want at your rhythm and pace. Its personal and private, I can show you without any compromise all the places you can visit in a 400KM range; plan your hours and day in a relaxed way, were you will be treated personally and exclusively, with the up most attention From the ski slopes in the Andes, to the blue coast, of the Pacific ocean, vineyards, Maipo Canyon. etc. If you are here for business, and you need a simultaneous translator or interpreter, or you are just want to go sightseeing, please call or send me a mail, and you will get my best personal service.
Valparaiso & Vina del Mar

One hour of Santiago  is the city of Viña del Mar, famous by beaches like Reñaca and Concón, the Casino of Viña del Mar and the Festival the International of the Song that every year i attracts national and foreign visitors to enjoy beaches and an pleasant climate.

By the side  is Valparaiso, the legislative center of the country. A city with histories, whose colorful constructions they gane terrain to tose hills, equipping  the city of an architecture and particular identity.
In the neighborhood of Viña del Mar, other important bath of the central zone are located such as Papudo, Cachagua, Maitencillo, San Antonio, Cartagena and Santo Domingo, in where nautical sports like surf practice, diving, windsurf and sailing

In the neighborhoods of Viña del Mar is also full with culture, ias you can visit the houses of the Literature Nobel prize can be visited for example Pablo Neruda, located one in Valparaiso and another one in Isla Negra.

Maipo Canyon Tour
One of the most beautifull sites in the central region of Chile,starts only 30 km of Santiago,and goes
in 70 km into the Andes range only a few Km from the Argentinian border.It is an amazing winding
road all along a crazy canyon,with waterfalls,several rivers joining,glaciars in a very rustic atmospere.
The first part of the Canyon,you can find nice restaurants,horseback riding,rafting,ski resorts,being
the inner part of Canyon one of the prettiest sights to see.
Ski Trips

Do you need a big and confortable station wagon, to go to the ski slops of Portillo, Valle Nevado or go camping to the mountains, or wherever you please. Just put your luggage, skies or campings equipament on the roof, and travel with confort.


Executive car services

We provide executive car services for National and International business men and other executives with a bilingual chauffeur that is intimately familiar with our Capital and the area,

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