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Victory Yacht Cruises
victory yacht cruise of chile south america

Victory Yacht Cruises sails to the following places in Chile South America and the Antarctica.

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An Over All Look at What Victory Yacht Cruises Offers (top)

We have 7-14 day voyages to the channels, fjords and glaciers of the Tierra del Fuego area,
Cape Horn and the Beagle Channel. These begin in October and continue through April at
reasonable prices with everything included.

Six week and four week South Georgia and Antarctic expeditions start in October and
December respectively and terminate in March. These voyages are made with especially
equipped steel yachts. Prices are available on request and depend on the yacht, type and
duration of the expedition.

From Chile's picturesque Puerto Williams, we provide Ecotours, Sea Kayakers and Adventure
Travelers a way for exploring "The Uttermost Part of the Earth" -- Cape Horn, Tierra Del Fuego,
Staten Island, South Georgia and Antarctica.

The yacht "Victory," is an exact 75-foot schooner replica that combines the enchantment of a
19th century vessel with the luxury of modern amenities. On board we offer history-crammed
excursions by land and sea that mark the course taken by Charles Darwin's "Beagle." The
VICTORY is so similar a ship that it "starred" as the "BEAGLE" in a recent documentary
recapturing Darwin's voyages.

Experience the "ends of earth", with the awesome beauty of glaciers, fjords, waterfalls and
wildlife. From both sides of the glacier forged channel not more than 4 miles wide, the ice
covered Andes rise up before us as they come to meet the sea and from which are disengaged
huge glaciers and icebergs. During this adventure one also has the opportunity to see a rich
flora and different expressions of fauna such as: the world's largest flying birds; condors and
the albatross, giant petrels, penguins, cormorants wild geese and ducks, large flightless
"steamer ducks", red headed woodpeckers, yellow winged finch, kingfishers, seals, sea otters,
okras and sporadically whales.

You may accompany us on the VICTORY on these historic voyages aboard this authentic
replica of a William Garden design cargo schooner. She was built from American plans of
cypress wood in 1986 for comfort and pleasure. A Zodiac type rubber boat and outboard motor
are available for more extended exploration.

This voyage is for adventurers only. There may be narrower bunks than you are used to, wind,
cold and other disfavorable weather conditions. While the "Victory" is a VERY comfortable boat,
she is NOT the Queen Mary.

Unique Features of Victory cruises (top)

We will navigate glacial etched flat water canals and Beautiful fjords outlined by exquisite
dense forests.

Get a close look at these imposing glacier regions and fjords by horseback, foot, rubber boat
and/or by sea kayak excursions.

You will have a rare glimpse at ancient Yagan Indian settlements, artifacts and optionally a tour
of the Martin Gusinde Indian Museum in Puerto Williams.

You may hike, camp, go trout fishing and have enticing barbecues of Patagonian lamb on the
beach along the way.

Private cabins are available and hot fresh water showers make the voyage even more
enjoyable. The tour is paced for all age groups.

Brief Description (top)

For those coming to Navarino Island from a hurried and modern life, is like going back in
time. Imagine unspoiled beauty, breathtaking and forgotten places.

At Puerto Williams, capital (population of 2000) of the Chilean Territory of Antarctica, there are
ancient settlements of the all but extinct Yagan Canoe Indians.
As late as the end of the 18th century, an estimated 8,000 Yagan Canoe
Indians paddled among these beautiful islands, still fjords and channels. This is a place of
astounding beauty.

Discount (top)

 When you write Captain Ben tell him you found out about the cruise through Richard Eggum
of and he'll give you 10% off the cost of the cruise.

Contact Us (top)
For more information and reservation contact:
Ben Garrett


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