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"Means of travel in Chile"

There are several different forms of transportation you can utilize while in Chile. This page will give you useful information about these forms of transportation and the cost of each.  I'm working on getting more specific details, direct links and making web pages for the transportation businesses.  So come back often and see what's new

chile rent a car for ways to travel in chile
You can rent a car in most cities with the beginning rate at about $30.00 dollars a day for a small car.  Rate for medium and luxury car are higher.  Check through the rent a car pages for the best rates.
chile cruise photo
Southern Chile does have quite a few  breath taking cruises but mainly in the months of October through April.  The travel agencies can inform you of the different types of cruises. You can also go to patagonia cruises to see more about cruises. 
chile airline photo
Chile does have national airlines that go to the major cities.  A 45 minute trip (between 250 and 300 mile) cost about $80.00 dollars one way.  A round trip is usually double ($160.00 dollars). Prices may be less between some cities. 
Prices can change at any time  so its better to check with the travel agencies to fine out the latest prices.
chile horseback photo
Horseback riding is a great outdoor adventure.  Many travel agencies in Chile can arrange a trip for you. These trips can last a few hours or a few days.  Many of these horseback riding adventures go into the Andes mountains 
chile taxi photo
Taxi cabs are rather cheap. It cost about $2.00 per mile or about $1.00 per kilometer.  Whether you have one person or more than one person in the cab, the cost is the same. Prices could vary from city to city.
chile bike riders photo
Some people do bike across the country in Chile but most roads are heavy with traffic and leave little room for bikes. On the other hand if you are a mountain biker looking for the ultimate challange and not afraid of roughing it and organizing things on your own, this country has virtually unlimited possibilities for you. Remember the wet rainy months are from May until the end of August or September in central and southern Chile so if you are on a bike make sure you prepare for the weather conditions. 
chile bus photo
There is a good bus system that can get you to all the major cities and regions in Chile. The ticket cost is about $10.00 about every 250 to 300 miles. Once you get to the city there is another bus system that can bring you to almost every little town in Chile.  A ticket on these buses begins at a price of 75 cents and up depending on how far away the city.Check out the travel agencies for more information. 
chile train photo
The north and south train goes between Santiago, Chillán, and Concepción.  The cost is about 20% higher than the bus lines.  About $13.00 dollars every 250 to 300 miles. There a a few new trains that make it between Santiago and Chillan in 4.5 hours.  If you are continueing on to Concepcion you take a bus connectoin  which take a little over and hour. Check out the travel agencies for more information. 

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