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Welcome to Chiloe Island Chile, South America
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Chiloe is Chile's largest Island located in the north Patagonia. 
(If you look at the map it is the island just south of  Puerto Montt.) 

ferry crossing to Chiloe Island ChileTo cross to and from the Island you need to take a ferry.
The trip from mainland Chile to the Island takes about 30 minutes.

The Isla Grande of Chiloé is South America's largest island and among its most striking cultural anomalies. Divided by the gentle peaks of the Coastal Range, Chiloé's eastern and western coasts are two worlds apart. To the west is a wilderness of endless beaches, dune habitat, and temperate rainforests, much of it protected in one of Chile's most forgotten national parks. To the east are the scattered islands of the Chiloé archipelago, sheltered from Pacific storms, intensely cultivated, home to a traditional culture of subsistence farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen.

The Jesuit order made this corner of the earth their special responsibility, erecting schools and over two hundred elegant wooden churches, nine of which are protected as national monuments. A rich mythology - populated by strange trolls, sea monsters, and eerie ghost ships - is yet another mark of Chiloé's singular history.

Today, Chiloé balances wild, unbridled nature with one of South America's most remarkable traditional cultures. Renowned for its seafood, its woolen handicrafts, and the warmth of its people, Chiloé is still a largely unknown destination for walking and biking, fishing, paddling and birding.

The town of Castro, characterized by its fleets of yellow fishing boats and distinctive palafito houses built on stilts above the tides, is easily accessible and provides a full range of tourist services. The charming islands of the archipelago, meanwhile, can only be visited by boat or kayak.
(excerpt from "Tourism Promotion Corporation of Chile")

Travel Information
  • Atue sea kayaking around the islands of Chileo ChileWhen you arrive at the Island you can choose to go to several places.  If you like sea kayaking you can go to Dalcahue - Chiloe Island.(go to outdoors Chile)
  • If you want to sight see one of the sights that Chiloe is known for make sure to visit some of the  wooden churches, made from the native Alerse tree. Alerse church in Ochao, Chiloe Island, Chile
  • If you like seafood there are many great places to try your favorite dish.

"Come to Chiloe Island it's like another world."

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