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Travel Information for Puerto Montt, Chile

"Travel Information for Puerto Montt, Chile"

Puerto Montt Chile island view
View of Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt Chile offers you a great view of the bay, fresh  sea food restaurants, lots of lodging places, handicrafts, and  much more.  One of the things people like about Puerto Montt  is its location.

Puerto Montt Chile island view
Kayaking in Tenglo Canal

Many people like to stay here and take day  trips to Chiloe Island, to the National parks, waterfalls, lakes,  mountains, go fishing and do many other outdoor activities.

Puerto Montt Chile boat cruises
Boat Cruises Around 
Tenglo Island, Pto. Montt

Stay here, eat here and rent a car, take a tour, or bus to explore the outdoor adventure around the area.

Puerto Montt is situated on the Bay of Puerto Montt and is protected on the west side by the Island of Tenglo. You can cross from the main land to the island in a row boat for about 50 cents. On the Island you can hike to the cross at the top of the hill and see the deep blue bay, the city of Puerto Montt and several beautiful snow covered volcanos. You can take a boat ride through the Tenglo Canal which lies between the island and the main land.

Tenglo Island, Puerto Montt Chile
Tenglo Island

Tenglo Island, Puerto Montt Chile
One of the great things about Puerto Montt is its close proximity to many lakes, waterfalls, national parks, and Chiloe Island. Puerto Montt also offers cruises for the tourist who wants to go out for the day or be out on the sea for a couple of weeks.

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