On a wooded point overlooking the lake, between gardens, terraces, and waterfalls sits Hotel Antumalal

Meaning "corral of the sun" in the ancient mapuche language. Antumalal's vibrant and modern architecture fits harmoniously with its setting. The main sitting room extends above a cliff with an entire wall of glass overlooking the lake. Wood-paneled walls, soft white carpets and an immense fireplace create an elegant yet simple ambiance.

Wood is used as a decorative touch throughout Antumalal's interior décor-from the walls, to the tables, lamps and chairs. In the style of the 1950s, the furniture blends native wood, iron, and rope, creating a unique style.
The hotel was built on a rough and challenging rocky hillside, only 2 km from Pucón. It was a graceless piece of land that the architect and owners transformed into the lovely native park that surround the building today.



Since 1950 the Restaurant Parque Antumalal has been a culinary tradition in Pucon and the IX region. Originally attracting visitors far and wide to sample its traditional European kuchenes y tortas, the restaurant has evolved over the years to offer some of the finest dining in southern Chile . With an unparalleled view of Lake Villarica (the best in all of Pucon), the hotel offers a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for tasting the fine food, or just enjoying a peaceful Cran Sour (the hotel ' s signature cocktail) while watching the sunset.

With chef Juan Colombo at its helm, the Restaurant Parque Antumalal launched its new menu 2008 and offers refined dishes using the freshest local ingredients, including local trout and vegetables from the Hotel ' s own garden.

The menu combines innovation and tradition, with personalized attention found nowhere else in Pucon. Whether staying at the hotel or just passing through Pucon, the Restaurant Parque Antumalal is the perfect place to have an excellent meal surrounded by beauty.


Each of the 22 rooms is paneled with native wood and warmed by a fireplace, offering a cozy environment from where you can enjoy spectacular views of Lake Villarrica.

Each room has a private bath, fireplace and a panoramic view of the lake.



5 double rooms with 2 beds.

6 double rooms with queen-size beds.
1 suite (king-size bed): with a living-dining room and library.
2 family suite: 2 double rooms sharing a bath.

1 Forest Chalet:

Beautifull Chalet in the midst of Antumalal' s park with 2 double rooms each one with 2 singles beds, 1 room with a queen bed and 2 bath rooms.
Living and dinning room with a private terrace with spectacular view to Villarrica Lake and Park Antumalal.
The services of the Forest Chalet are the same ones of the Hotel but in private atmosphere, from were you can enjoy your Antumalal experience.

1 Royal Chalet:

Spectacular Chalet (where Queen Elizabeth stayed). 2 double rooms, one with 2 beds and the other with a King size bed with a bathroom in suite.
The Chalet also has a large living room with a private terrace with a waterfall and the most beautiful view to the park & Villarrica Lake.
The Royal Chalet has the same services than the Hotel but in a private atmosphere to enjoy your Antumalal experience The Chalet is 600 feet away from the hotel .

All rooms and Chalets have wall-size windows overlooking the lake and park.


Place of Sun and Water - is nestled in the center of a 13 acre park, surrounded by flowers, trees, waterfalls and spectacular views of Lake Villarica.

Imagine yourself immersed in warm water under the stars with the sound of falling waters ...true therapy for the soul.

At Antumaco you can relieve your tensions and get in touch with your senses through rest, meditation, and pampering.

We invite you to enjoy with us:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Purification and Relaxation Massage
  • Hydro massage pool under the stars
  • Shower in a waterfall
  • Sauna with lake view
  • Climatized swimming pool
  • Yoga
  • Reiki &
  • Zen meditation walk through the gardens


The sounds and smells of the lake please the senses...........
The park of Hotel Antumalal, created 45 years ago, changes the hotel's natural atmosphere with the seasons.


The park of Hotel Antumalal was created 45 years ago and changes constantly with the seasons. The gardens are framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel's modern architecture.

Begin with the blue of lake Villarrica. Add a wooded point overlooking the lake for the backdrop of the park. Then, add 4 waterfalls tumbling on natural rock. Add the final touches of color from native groundcover like lobelia and alysum.

The native trees are vigilant sentinels of this colorful setting, their majestic trunks visible from all rooms of the hotel. The vastness of the park invites contemplation of contrasting colors and textures. The various paths all surprisingly end at the lake - with two docks and a private beach .


(quick and comfortable): Chilean airlines, fly in only one hour from Santiago daily to Temuco. From Temuco you can rent a car or request a transfer to the hotel, which is about an hour and a half away. (In summer there are several direct flights from Santiago to Pucón)

(for those who want to take their time): Buses travel between Santiago and Pucón daily. We recommend taking the overnight bus (the buses have comfortable seats and food service); in the morning you will arrive at the main entrance of the Hotel Antumalal, where we will be expecting you.

(for those who want to sightsee along the way): You can lease a car in Santiago and drive to the Hotel Antumalal, taking time to visit wineries, waterfalls, and historic places, The drive takes approximately 8 hours and the road is a double lane and in excellent condition.

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