About the Faba fine, Lapis Lazuli, jewelry stores in Chile

 About the Faba fine jewelry store 

About Lapis Lazuli Faba

Faba is a store for fine Chilean handicraft dedicated to make beautiful, exclusive works of art that express our cultural heritage.

Our stores display a great variety of fine jewelry and exclusive pieces of handicraft.

Our mission is to show and maintain our country’s traditions as well as the creativity and talent of our experienced goldsmiths, who use themes taken from Chilean geography, myths, believes, and, above all, pre-Columbian traditions.

With our family tradition, spanning three generations, we have preserved and maintained this tradition of handicrafts in our store so that visitors may appreciate living examples of our culture.


Alonso de Cordova 4227
Tel: +56 2 2089526, Fax: +56 2 3650683

Vina del Mar

1 Oriente 312 (with 4 norte)
Tel: +56 32 2694345, Fax: +56 32 2691202

Punta Arenas

Plaza Munoz Gamero 1019
Tel/Fax: +56 61 229306

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