Recommended links

Recommended links

This page has been set up for your convenience and contains links that do not fully qualify under our site's mission statement, but that we feel might be handy and/or of interest to most travellers.
Most of these sites are of a more general, travel related nature
and/or span multiple or adjacent nations.
Your "one stop" site for all your Chilean car rental needs.
For commercial or private needs, whether you want to hire a truck, van or personnell transport van.
We quote: "This site is targeted to those Travelers who are already on the road, and aims to provide quick access to any and all information, worldwide, needed to smoothen out your journey." and as such nicely complements the information presented on our site.

The above sites have been kind enough to return links to our site, a gesture we greatly appreciate and as the Internet is based on related links, something that benefits all of us.

The designers and maintainers of our website. They have years of experience in the design and implementation of tourism related sites. Check out their site for examples and more info.


Orly hotel Santiago, Chile

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