Welcome to Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Metropolitan region, Chile

Santiago is the capital and biggest city of Chile with over 5,000,000 people.

SANTIAGO, capital of Chile founded in 1541 , is located between the Mapocho and and Maipo rivers valleys, surrounded mountains : the Coast Range by the West , Chacabuco and Angostura mounts on the North and South respectively and the Andes range on the East. Santiago is chosen to house the most relevant Congresses and Conventions in Latin America because of it outstanding infrastructure.THE ANDES RANGE concentrates in the Central region the main Ski resorts of the country boasting magnificient ski runs considered the best in South America, among them you find Valle Nevado, Portillo, and Termas e Chillán.THE PACIFIC COAST, less than a two-hours ride you find Valparaiso Cultural Heritage of Mankind, its picturesque architecture makes it beloved by artists and bohemians. which has turned this place into a living legend.

You can find almost everything you need in this city.
It has all star hotels economical bed and breakfasts, restaurants of every ethnic background, discos, clubs, a museum, universities, international and national airports, high rise office buildings, theater, malls, fun parks, a modern subway system which makes finding your way around Santiago a lot easier, and a whole lot more.

Whether you are here on business or pleasure you'll like Santiago, Chile .
Within an hour or so from Santiago you can also find outdoor opportunities like, hiking, nature, hot springs, and skiing.

If you would like to do outdoor activities you could get a hold of a tour company and they can take you hiking in the mountains, skiing in season (June - September) or go to the ocean and enjoy the beach (summer is December - February).

Package tours visiting Santiago

Santiago City Tour ( 1 day trip, private )

Santiago is a city that blends its colonial heritage with the modernity of a city in full swing. Take a day out to visit its main attractions and get to know some of its history.
Note! this trip can be adjusted to your liking.

Pablo Neruda's Houses (6 days)

Pablo Neruda was a great collector. His hobby was to collect the most varied things of interest: seashells, books, bottles, masks and ... homes. Neruda had the great necessity, to consolidate his existence where he was and where he was going. Visit his houses with us.

Full Disconnection and Wellness Route(6 days)

Experience the sensation of complete disconnection! This program is oriented to disconnection and recontruction, physically, mentally and spritually, of those that practice it.

Accommodation in Santiago

Apartment for Rent in Santiago

Finely furnished and strategically located apartment in the friendly neighbourhood of Ñuñoa in Santiago. Full services including swimming pool, parking etc.

Five star hotel Plaza San Francisco in Santiago centre, Chile

Situated in the center of Santiago, This five star offers comfortable access to its financial center including the most important government organizations as well as its cultural center.

The weather in Santiago

Map of Santiago

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Rent a Car in Santiago:

Category A:
City cars for rent in Chile
Kia Morning or similar city car
Day Week Month
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Category B:
City cars for rent in Chile
Suzuki Swift or similar subcompact
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City cars for rent in Chile
Nissan Versa, or similar compact sedan.
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City cars for rent in Chile
Chevrolet Cruze or similar
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Category E:
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Category F:
City cars for rent in Chile
Double cabin, four doors pickup truck (4x2)
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Category G:
City cars for rent in Chile
Double cabin (4 doors) pickup truck (4x4)
Day Week Month
US$ 145 US$ 870 US$ 2.500

Category H:
City cars for rent in Chile
Suzuki Vitara 1.600cc, 4x4, 3 doors jeep
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US$ 89 US$ 490 US$ 1.730

Category I:
City cars for rent in Chile
SUV4x4 (Toyota 4 Runner or similar)
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Orly hotel Santiago, Chile

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