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Spanish courses in Chile

Santiago, Chile Valparaiso, Chile

Below are a select number of Spanish crash courses that we though might be of interest to the South American Traveler.
These courses are provided by Natalislang, a language school with over 20 years of experience, which has formulated its own method, Approach at first glance, that allows students to practice the language from day one and has the necessary means to develop study programs according to the level and capacity of each of their students.

In Santiago: Spanish crash course for visitors.
Duration: 3 days

  • Number of sessions:
    18 sessions / 3 days
  • Description:
    This course is meant for travelers that are willing to speak Spanish, in order to manage in everyday life, and to have a basic conversation. For that reason, eight contents were proposed, so that the student cannot only communicate in situations like in a restaurant, but he or she may also be able to express simple ideas.
  • Course Details:
    • Work materials:
      Toy bank notes, pictures of the products, pictures of the rooms of a hotel, pictures of the parts of a city, maps, verb and vocabulary cards, books with dialogues and useful expressions, menu with typical dishes.
Free enrollment... no hidden fees!
Sessions Price Sessions per day Duration  
18 CLP$ 150.000 ( US$ 166, € 157, ? ) 6 3 days  
Note! 1 session = 45 minutes

Santiago and Valparaiso: Spanish Crash Course "Santiago and Valparaiso Experience".
Duration: 3 days

  • Duration: 18 sessions / 3 days
  • Description: This course is meant for travelers that are interested to learn to speak Spanish, in order to manage everyday situations, and converse on a basic level. For this reason, a number of different locations and experiences were selected, so that the student will learn to handle every day situations like in a restaurant, and also get the opportunity to practice expressing simple ideas in Spanish.
  • Course Details:
    • Santiago:
      • Wednesday,Thursday and Friday mornings in Santiago.
        Number of sessions: 18 sessions of 45 minutes each 09:00 14:15 (6 sessions per day).
        (120kmsfromSantiago) tofinish thisCrashCoursewithtouristicandculturalactivities.
    • Valparaiso:
      • Bohemiantour:
        OncethestudentarrivesathishostelinValparaiso(Singleroom, Shared Bathroom + breakfast) apersonaltourguidewilltakehimtoabohemiantourstartingat21:00
        Thisbohemiantour consistsofvisiting3traditionalbars:
        • 1)AntoniaWines-WineBoutique:Winetastingfree of charge.
        • 2)IlicitoBar:Blues-band gigs.Drinks not included.
        • 3)GatoenlaVentana:LatinamericanFolkMusic. Drinks not included .
      • Walking Tour: Saturdaymorningthetourguidewillpickthestudentupathishostelforawalkingtour from11:00to14:00tovisitthehistoricalplaces,lookouts,the "graffitineighbourhood"andfuniculars. Note!: There areoptionalextra activities during the tournot includedintheoriginalprice.
        • 30minutestouronboat around the bay,duringthewalkingtour. $3.000 clp
        • LocalFoodtasting,beforestartingthebohemiantour,oraslunch
          byendingthewalkingtour. $3.500 clp aprox
Free enrollment no hidden fees!
Santiago Valparaiso Includes Price  
18 sessions Bohemian Tour +
Walking Tour
One way ticket to Valparaiso & 2 nights accommodation in Valparaiso CLP$ 215.000 ( US$ 238, € 225, ? )  
Note! 1 session = 45 minutes

Spanish Classes in: Santiago + Valparaiso.
Duration 2 or 4 weeks

  • Duration:
    2 weeks: 20 + 20 group sessions
    4 weeks: 40 + 40 group sessions
  • Description: Youll be able to get to know both cities and enjoy two different and amazing experiences. While youre in Santiago, youll have the chance to get a feel of a more cosmopolitan and fast-paced city; whereas in Valparaiso, you might want to relax, enjoy our coast and experience a more bohemian atmosphere.
Free enrollment no hidden fees! ( one session is 45 minutes )
Duration Spanish courses in Santiago Spanish courses in Valparaiso Total Sessions Price  
2 weeks 20 group sessions 20 group sessions 40 group sessions CLP$ 163.800 ( US$ 181, € 171, ? )  
4 weeks 40 group sessions 40 group sessions 80 group sessions CLP$ 306.000 ( US$ 339, € 320, ? )  
Enjoy these 2 beautiful cities while studying within the heart of Chile.

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