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Information about Mocha, Island and national reserve, in Chile

  • Mocha Island
  • Mocha Island
  • Mocha Island
  • Mocha Island
  • Mocha Island

Mocha Island


Located off the coast of the province of Arauco (Biobío Region), 34.2 kilometers from Tirúa.


The island registers a temperate humid climate of oceanic character.
Rain falls throughout the year, with annual averages of 1,225 mm. and a dry period in the months of January and February, especially east of the island due to the barrier effect provided by the mountain range.
The average annual temperature reaches 12.5 ° C.


The gastronomic delicacies produced by the waters of Mocha Island are a true pleasure to the palate.
Erizos, caracoles, jaibas y locos are the most desired by tourists.

Flora and Fauna

The island is covered with native forest.
Mocha is home to about 102 different species of birds, including the Castilian fardela (endangered), which nests under the roots of trees.


On the island you can find various forms of entertainment and it is ideal for sports such as fishing, sailing, windsurfing, diving to sunken boats or simply the collection of marine debris such as pebbles or precious shells of various shapes and colors, as well as a historic range of archaeological curiosities, the product of the numerous shipwrecks that occurred during past decades.

Other Activities

In this area of flora and wild fauna, unique in native species it is possible to traverse the Island while trekking, by two available paths that cross the mountain chain from north to south.
For cyclists, the island offers various alternatives such as the circuit that surrounds the island along with the various trails within the National Reserve.
Also on the island you can fly fish in the ocean, ride on horseback or enjoy watching the wildlife.

by the numbers:
Mocha Island by the numbers:
  • Population (2017):
    • 800 inhabitants
  • Location:
    • Lat, Long: 38° 21.5459 S, 73° 55.4535 W
    • GPS Coordinates: 21º 32' 45.24" S, 55º 27' 12.6" W
    • +/- 619 km (384.6 mi) south of Santiago
  • Elevation:
    • 190 m (623 ft 4")
  • Timezone:
    • CLT – Chile Standard Time (Current offset: UTC -3 hrs)



Weather forecasts:
The weather:

The weather on Mocha island.

Historical values:

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