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Valdivia, Chile

The City of Valdivia, one of the most beautiful cities in Chile with 135,000 inhabitants, is situated in southern Chile, near the mouth of the Valdivia River. It is near the port of Corral on the Pacific Ocean. The city lies in an area of forests and apple orchards.Founded in 1552 by Pedro de Valdivia, a lieutenant of the Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro. In 1818 it was the site of a Chilean victory in the wars of independence.
The city has a large German colony founded in the 1850s which put its stamp on the city, transforming it in one of the more important industrial centers in Chile with beer breweries, mills, tanneries, navy (it is a fluvial port), and the first high oven of the country in 1913. It was desolated by an earthquake in 1960 but has been beautifully rebuilt.
During the 2nd and 3rd week of February the "Valdivia week" takes place (you should reserve a hotel in advance), and beside the Calle Calle river that crosses the city, handicraft fairs and the results of the international painting competition "Valdivia and the river" are presented. This extravaganza ends in the final night next to the river, with a parade of boats and fireworks.

There are several islands which can be explored by taking a riverboat cruise. 
Valdivia also has a number of nice small beaches for you to stroll on and enjoy the ocean.
The Valdivia area is great for fly fishing (remember winter holidays in the northern hemisphere means summer holidays here!)
You can visit 3 historic Spanish forts located in strategic places near the mouth of the river, one of the forts is only accessable by boat, the other two by car or riverboat. 
Possible accommodation includes country cabins and farm holidays providing a great starting point for horse riding and long country walks in the peace and quiet offered by this woody area or for those that would like to stay closer to town the Hostal "Entre Rios" is a great place to stay.
This really is a good place to spend a few days while in Chile.

Valdivia by the numbers:
Valdivia by the numbers:
  • Population (2017):
    • 143,207 inhabitants
  • Location:
    • Lat, Long: 39.8174° S, 73.2425° W
    • GPS Coordinates: 39º 49' 2.64" S, 73º 14' 33" W
    • +/- 848 km (526.9 mi) south of Santiago
  • Elevation:
    • 17 m (55 ft 9")
  • Timezone:
    • CLT – Chile Standard Time (Current offset: UTC -4 hrs)

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Entre Rios hostel in Valdivia, Chile

Petit Hotel “Entre Rios” is situated in the beautiful city of Valdivia with only a few steps away from the central plaza and local bus terminal, 300 m from the casino, a 15-minute drive from Niebla Beach and a convenient 40 minute drive from the Valdivia Airport.

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Category A
City cars for rent in Chile
Kia Morning or similar city car
1000cc gasoline engine, 2 doors, manual shift, and radio. This car is for a maximum of 2 persons, and is only rented in Santiago. You may seat four people inside this vehicle, but then you will much almost nothing of inside space left for your bags
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 49
Week $ 320
Month $ 1.150
Category BHatchbacks  for rent in Chile
Suzuki Swift or similar subcompact car.
This 1200cc gasoline engine hatchback car category comes equipped with 4 doors, manual shift, two airbags, power assisted steering, air conditioning, and radio. Good vehicle for 2 persons and for driving mainly on asphalt roads.
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 59
Week $ 354
Month $ 1.350
Category C
Sedans  for rent in Chile
Nissan Versa, or similar compact sedan.
This 1600cc gasoline engine car category with trunk comes equipped with manual shift, air conditioning, power assisted steering, airbags, ABS brakes,door locks, and radio. (Ideal car up to four persons). A vehicle that can get you almost anywhere in Chile. It's also pretty economical. In this category we can also offer you an automatic transmission at an extra charge.
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 78
Week $ 468
Month $ 1.590
Category D
Roomy sedans  for rent in Chile
Chevrolet Cruze or similar
Fully equipped roomy sedan with a 1800cc to 2000cc gasoline engine and with automatic transmission. This car category comes with ABS brakes, airbags, doors lock, power and rear view mirrors, and radio.brakes
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 118
Week $ 708
Month $ 2.350
Category E
Vans  for rent in Chile
Could be a Kia Grand Carnival, or similar luxury fully equipped VAN with 7 or 8 seats and automatic transmission. This VAN comes equipped with air bags, electric windows, doors lock, and ABS brakes as well.
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 175
Week $ 1.050
Month $ 3.090
Category F
Pickup trucks (4x2)  for rent in Chile
Double cabin, four doors pickup truck with simple traction (4x2)
This vehicle comes equipped with manual transmission, power assisted steering, air conditioning, and radio (good vehicle for driving on bad roads due to its high clearance, therefore ideal for Atacama desert and Patagonia)
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 99
Week $ 594
Month $ 1.730
Category G
Pickup trucks (4x4) for rent in Chile
Double cabin (four doors) pickup truck with double traction (4x4)
Comes equipped with manual transmission, power assisted steering, air conditioning, and radio (excellent alternative for off road driving due to its high clearance and four wheel drive option. Excellent for Atacama desert or Patagonia and other off road places)
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 145
Week $ 870
Month $ 2.500
Category H
Small Jeeps  for rent in Chile
Suzuki Vitara 1.600cc, 4x4, 3 doors jeep
Comes equipped with manual transmission, power assisted steering, air condition, and a radio with a CD player (Good vehicle for maximum 3 persons that like off road fun driving).
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 89
Week $ 490
Month $ 1.730
Category I
SUVs  for rent in Chile
SUV 4x4 (Toyota 4 Runner or similar).
Fully equipped, automatic transmission. The best car to rent in Chile, because it provides luxury, high clearance, and four wheel drive…all in one vehicle. This vehicle category obviously has ABS brakes, air bags, and everything that a full equipped car should have.
Rate by: Price in USD:
Day $ 175
Week $ 1.050
Month $ 3.090

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