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"In most major cities you will find a mall and Souvenir shops"

Souvenir shopping in Santiago, Chile

Chile is a modern country linked to a wide variety of international markets, providing for a broad and varied assortment of international "modern" goods available in its malls and shops, without forgetting its past or its culture.
In most places you will therefore be able to find "artesanias" as well as local markets selling handmade local products, ranging from the world renowned alpaca sweaters and jumpers to beautifully made silver and Lapis Lazuli jewellery all with a destinct Andean style, for very reasonable prices.
In contrast to many other places these handmade products are primarily meant for the local market and widely used by the Chileans themselves rather then beeing mass produced "tourist quality" souvenirs and good buys can often be found in the most unlikely places.

Faba: fine lapis Lazuli articrafts

Faba is a store for fine Chilean handicrafts, dedicated to make beautiful exclusive works of art that express Chile's cultural heritage.

They specialize in Lapis Lazuli and other Chilean stones and metals.

Vicky Johnson's Fine chocolates, Puerto Varas Chile

Vicki Johnson's fine foods and chocolates is pleasure.

It has the magical ability to awaken the senses and make you appreciate the simple things in life.

The ingredients and natural spices are part of the secret, but the most important is that which can't be found in books, "love".

Orly hotel Santiago, Chile