Chile's Central region
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Chile's central region

Central Chile is the cultural nucleus of the country. All of Chile's largest cities are located here, as are most of its universities and industries, its vineyards, finest agricultural lands, colonial and early republican architecture. In fact, central Chile is something of a microcosm of the country, balanced between deserts to the north and forests to the south, with the capital poised between the highest peaks in the Americas and a host of premier beach resorts.

Santiago: with a population of about 5 million people Santiago is the largest and most important city in Chile. Santiago has a modern subway system that make getting around this big city a lot easier.  Find out what Santiago Chile has to offer.

Cajon del Maipo: To the south-east of Santiago is the Cajón del Maipo, one of the preferred destinations for those wishing to escape the city in exchange for the tranquility of the mountains. An impressive view of the Andes can be obtained from Lo Valdes (about 90km from Santiago): San José Volcano (5900 m), to the east, and , Mount Morado (foto left, 4800 m) to the north, the jewel in the crown of the National Park of the same name. Continuing along the Morado Canyon is a glacier and other important peaks like Mesón Alto (5300 m). There are hot springs in almost all the valleys, Baños Colina, 12 km from Lo Valdés, is particularly easy to reach.

Valle Nevado: Valle Nevado Ski resort is located in the heart of the Andes, located at only 46 kilometers from Santiago. Valle Nevado is the largest ski Center in South America and the most modern ski resort in Chile, placed at 3,025 meters above sea level and consider 9,000 hectares for skiing, distributed in 22.9 miles of skiable surface. The Ski Season begin around second week of June and ends during the first or second week in October.

Viña del Mar is a great place to take a vacation if  you like to go to the beach and relax.  It is only a little over an hour from Santiago, the Capital of Chile, so if your are in Santiago for a few days and have some time off you won't want to miss Viña del Mar.  Viña del Mar is one of the most modern cities in Chile.  It truly is a pretty city.  Bring your family and enjoy the sun and the sandy beaches near Viña del Mar.  Go sailing on the Pacific blue waters.  Enjoy the view from your room.

Valparaiso: Valpo is Chile's principal port and second-largest city. Despite its size, it is Chile's most distinctive city and one of South America's most intriguing. Occupying a narrow strip of land between the waterfront and the nearby hills, its convoluted centre has distinctive, sinuous cobbled streets, and is overlooked by precipitous cliffs and hilltop suburbs which are accessed by funicular railways and stairway footpaths.

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