Rent a Camper, Motor Home or RV in Chile South America

"Travel through Chile in a Camper or Motorhome"

South America is the perfect destination to explore in a camper, combining a high quality infrastructure with the most various and exiting destinations.

Within a single country you can visit huge salt flats, lunar like landscapes, geysers and the Atacama Desert (worlds driest!) in the north, volcanoes, forests and rivers in the Lake District, and eventually glaciers and majestic mountain peaks at the end of the world in Patagonia.
Not to mention the countless wine valleys, the Pacific coast in the west and the Andean mountain range in the east, both running through the entire length of the country.

All this, of course, enjoyed from the comfort of your camper or motorhome.

Campers, motorhomes and RVs rentals, well equipped and top quality at attractive prices.
"We offer a personalized service and suggestions for tours, so you do not miss anything while traveling peacefully and safe."
  • High quality vehicles with optimal design and equipment
  • Personalised and flexible service
  • 24 hour travel assistance

A young and dynamic company dedicated to the rental of motorhomes and campers in Chile and neighbouring countries.

"We have different models of vehicles that are better suited to your travel and mobile homes for families and comfortable travel."

Five different models available with a capacity ranging from 2-3 people, for the compact model, up to 7 people in their Family model

Soulvans is the easy way to explore Chile on your terms.

"We offer you simple but comfy and well equiped campers which will make your trip a great experience."

When it comes to campervan hire, our campervans are the most economical campers you can find. We guarantee you a good price, a reliable car and a no frills on your hire.


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