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 The time in Chile

The time in mainland Chile:

Easter Island:

Magellanes & Palmer station ( Antarctica )

Mainland Chile & Easter Island are observing DST, and the transition back to standard time is scheduled for 14 May, 2017.
Chile's southernmost region, Magallanes, will be observing daylight saving time all year. Magallanes is 3 hours behind UTC.
Magallanes will need its own time zone id in the IANA time zone database. It will be named America/Punta_Arenas, after the largest city of the region.
Chile's Palmer Station in Antarctica will also be observing DST all year.

 The exchange rates for the Chilean peso
Values updated thrice daily on trading days.
USD $ 1 = CLP $ 606  
USD $: « » CLP $:
Euro € 1 = CLP $ 748  
Euro €: « » CLP $:
UF 1 = CLP $ 24924  
UF: « » CLP $:

Rounded figures!

The Chilean UF (Unidad de Fomento) is a reference currency updated daily in relation to inflation, internal consumer prices, and currency fluctuations.
Most long term contracts, mortgages, insurance premiums, house prices etc. are quoted in UF while the actual payments are made in Chilean pesos at the rate of the day.

 Distances within Chile
< = >

km to miles = km x 0.6214
miles to km = miles x 1.609

 Chile's Annual Holidays 2016

 Chile's Annual Holidays 2017


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