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With the soaring Andes as the backdrop, a far-reaching revolution is taking place in Chile's wine industry. And a handful of statuesque reds lead the way. A dozen years ago, when Chile cast off the shackles of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship and embraced a stable, democratic government, the country had already earned a reputation for fruity and ripe, if sometimes oxidized, red wines at friendly prices. With a supporting cast of $5 and $10 Merlots and Cabs gaining notoriety and winning medals, Chilean wine soared in popularity in international markets, becoming the third-largest source of U.S. wine imports in 1998 with 5.3 million 12-bottle cases, according to the Department of Commerce.
As Chile's free market economy gained momentum, outside money, expertise and equipment began to pour into its wine industry. Local growers increasingly adopted international wine standards, and Chile's red wines took a quantum leap in quality. And price.
Chile's established players are making top-flight reds - among them.......................
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Chile is wine country.
If you would like to take a tour and sample first hand the diversity and quality of Chilean wines, here is your opportunity.
The following tours bring you to and through some of Chile's best vineyards and wineries.

Wine tours

Concha y Toro vineyards tour ( 1 day trip, private )

A daytrip from Santiago to the Concha y Toro vineyards, where you will be greated with a nice glass of wine presented to you by a knowledgeable guide who will escord you throughout the vineyards and accompanying buildings.
Note! this trip can be adjusted to your liking.

Sleeping and Dreaming and the wine valleys, (7 days)

Meet the wine valleys around Santiago, learn about wine production, walk their vineyards and wineries, complemented by the experience of staying in boutique hotels and gastronomy these vineyards offer.

Culinary Experience in the Andes Mountains, (9 days)

Do not miss the opportunity to discover and get excited about our landscapes, and the pleasure of combining the best cuisine and wonderful wines of Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina, with the majesty of the Andes in the background.

Wines Surrounding Santiago (6 days)

From our capital, Santiago de Chile, visit every day a wine valley of the Central region, Maipo Valley, Cachapoal Valley Casablanca Valley and Colchagua Valley. Meet the vineyards, history, taste their wines and enjoy the food offered in this journey.


Orly hotel Santiago, Chile

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